About Us


The  Chicago Real Estate Council is a networking organization comprised of a  diverse group of professionals in Chicago's  commercial real estate industry.  We operate for educational and social purposes with the  mission of promoting the development, establishment and expansion of the real estate industry.

The Council is one of the oldest real  estate professional networking groups and dates back to 1949. Originally called the “Junior Real Estate Board,” the Chicago Real  Estate Council (or CREC as it is also known today) was literally founded by the sons of Draper & Kramer and Baird & Warner and today has approximately 180 members.

For more than 60 years, the Chicago Real  Estate Council has been providing its members with a great opportunity  to network with other real estate professionals. This organization is  unique in its format in that there are no limitations to entry such as  participating in a particular area of real estate or affiliation with a  specific field of expertise. Rather,  CREC encourages diversity and  looks for members from the various areas of the real estate profession.  

At any meeting you might be seated at a table with an appraiser, a  leasing broker, a bank lender, a search firm executive and others. You  may be enjoying a presentation from a REIT executive, a developer, a  college professor or touring one of Chicago’s latest developments. Truly  a networking opportunity as well as an educational gold mine.