Real Estate Law

Real estate law concerns issues related to the purchase and sale of  property, including financing and development, construction contracts,  securitized real estate, and litigation relating to these areas. Real  estate lawyers provide their clients with advice concerning all of these  matters. They also help their clients navigate through the myriad  government zoning restrictions and land use regulations necessary in  order to move forward with a real estate project. While some real estate lawyers specialize in litigation involving  contractual or regulatory issues, many specialize in real estate  transactions or land use. Those who practice in transactions advise  their clients on tax issues, financing issues, and even environmental  issues concerning the transaction in question. Attorneys who specialize  in land use often focus on the regulatory aspects of real estate  projects. Lawyers who work on commercial real estate transactions often work in  the real estate departments of large law firms. These departments may  have a number of attorneys, some who specialize in transactions and  investment issues and others who specialize in land use and zoning  issues. These attorneys many work closely with other departments in the  law firm, including the environmental department. Other real estate  lawyers work for the government, whether for county building and zoning  departments or for municipalities including cities and suburbs. Real  estate lawyers may also work for corporations, real estate development  companies, financial or lending institutions, or title companies. Other  lawyers, often in small firms or in general or solo practice, handle  residential real estate transactions.